Our filming obsession started somewhere around seven o’clock at night on our trampoline which sat in the shadows of our walnut tree.   Just three kids armed with their imaginations and an old iPod that had 20% battery left. Filming a movie proved to take more than ten minutes and sheer willpower so we kept going.  Over the months, filming gear began to accumulate in our garage and rooms–tangled wires, camera lenses, greenscreens, and hundreds of broken drone propellers.  And so, we began to experiment.  Slowly, the broken propellers became less frequent, our hours to footage ratio finally became reasonable, and we were able to get through full scenes without breaking into laughter.  Now, in the little breaks of our normal lives, we write, shoot, and edit films into the late hours of the night.         

3 thoughts on “About

    1. we are going to make more films, and we are also up for hire if you have an event we will film it.
      you could also donate equipmentor money


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